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Fun with Flight

WHO: WACO Historical Society


WHERE: WACO Air Museum, 1865 South County Road 25A, Troy, Ohio 45373

WHEN: March 5-9, 2018; 12:30-2:30 p.m.

NASA Aeronautical Program for Homeschool Early Learners

WACO Learning Center is excited to offer an aeronautical program to home school families with early learners designed by NASA. Fun with Flight is a collection of five STEM learning modules based on children’s books. Each module focuses on a single children’s book, followed by a STEM thematic lesson. Hands-on activities will engage the child as they make discoveries about Gliders in Nature (Form & Function), Balloons (Sinking & Floating), Parachutes (Fluid Thickness & Drag), Kites (Surface Area & Lift), Helicopters and Airplanes (Force & Thrust), and World Flyers (Geography & Global Trade). All six modules will be covered March 5th – 9th from 12:30 –2:30 p.m. A $50 materials fee will cover the entire week. Children ages 6-8 can register by calling WACO Air Museum at 937-335-9226 for registration.

CONTACT: Nancy Royer, 937-335-9226

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