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Damage to Historic Buildings

Hoover Block Building, Setzer Building, Fish Market

A single car crash damaged the front of buildings belonging to Aviation Trail, Inc., and the National Park Service in Dayton, Ohio's Historic W. Third Street district in the early morning hours of Tuesday, October 24. Some photos of the police investigation appear in a WHIO report at . No injuries were reported at the time, however it is ATI’s understanding that the driver exited the wrecked car and fled the scene.

The damage was limited to the Third St. frontage and does not affect the the Wright - Dunbar interpretive Center/Aviation Trail Visitor Center entrance and the parking facilities which are all located on the opposite side of the buildings. So visitors access to the facilities of the Dayton Aviation Heritage National Historical Park, the Wright Cycle Company, and the Aviation Trail Visitor Center will not be affected and normal hours will be observed.

Some photos of the damage are shown below (courtesy of Aviation Trail, Inc. President Steve Brown)

Below is a photo of the historic buildings in this block. Aviation Trail acquired the Fish Market and Peking Theater buildings to develop them into an aviation educational site, and expand the area of the current museum.


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