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Wright at Home - Hawthorn Hill Open House

Sunday, April 23, 2023 • 12 - 5 pm

We are pleased to announce the return of Wright at Home! This special event, an open-house style experience, provides visitors with the opportunity to explore the Wright family mansion, Hawthorn Hill. As visitors move through the home, guides will share information about the historic structure, its contents, and its brilliant owner, Orville Wright.

Join a walking tour and learn about historic Wright family neighbors, including the founder of Cheez-It™ Crackers, a famous Dayton architect, a man nicknamed the "Maker of Machines", and more.

Light refreshments will be provided, including Orville's favorite cookies. Meet Stephen Wright, the brothers' great grandnephew, and purchase Wright family and Oakwood-themed gifts and books. Wright at Home is presented as a collaboration between Dayton History and the Oakwood Historical Society. Proceeds from this event will benefit both history organizations. Join us for this special tour of Hawthorn Hill - the world's first pilot's last home.

Reservations required: (937) 293-2841 April 23 | 12–5 pm | $40 901 Harman Ave, Oakwood, Ohio 45419 Parking: City Municipal Lot or along Park Ave


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Carillon Historical Park is Site #4 on the Aviation Trail


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