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Celebration of the 113th Anniversary of First Powered Flight 
Please Note:
ATI's Celebration of the 113th Anniversary of FIRST POWERED FLIGHT in 1903 honoring the Wright Brothers was originally scheduled for December 17, 2016 (the acutal anniversary date). Due to unforeseeable circumstances, the event is being changed to a date yet to be determined. It will be held at Sinclair College Building 18.
See the letter from the ATI President, below. *

Event Postponement

Aviation Trail, Inc. celebration of the

113th Anniversary of the First Powered Flight

Sinclair Community College, UAS Indoor Flying Pavilion

December 13, 2016

                                                                Life is never simple.


It was very recently discovered, that although the printer had taken the December 17th event invitations to the Post Office earlier this month, absolutely no one had received a copy! Despite desperate phone calls none was to be found anywhere.


An interesting situation considering the annual dinner event celebrating the achievements of the Wright brothers is Saturday evening at Sinclair’s National UAS Training and Certification Center.


What to do? We are so sorry about the situation. This should have been an exciting evening with the Wright Family Dinner, an overview of Sinclair’s program, and a few “drones” hovering overhead in the Indoor Flying Pavilion.


With very mixed emotions, ATI the Board of Trustees have reluctantly agreed to postpone this weekend’s event. We feel Sinclair’s aviation programs deserve the  support of the community with a full Pavilion of celebrants. We will reschedule our First Flight Program for early in the new year. You will receive the invitation well in advance of the event date. On behalf of the Aviation Trail Board of Trustees we thank you for your consideration and support.


This Saturday evening may we suggest, on your own in ATI’s tradition, you offer a grateful toast to the members of our Armed Forces and to Wil & Orv for their remarkable achievement in 1903.


We wish one and all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday. And we look forward to seeing you early next year.


Marvin Christian, President, Aviation Trail, Inc.


* Footnote: The "missing" invitations, that had been mailed early in December, began showing up in members' mailboxes on December 15, past the date when a head count needed to be turned in to the dinner facility. If you have just received your invitation, please disregard the date listed, since the event is still being postponed, as stated in the letter above. When the new date is announced, it will be posted on the website, and notices sent out to members.

ATI's Celebration of the 113th Anniversary of FIRST POWERED FLIGHT in 1903 honoring the Wright Brothers will be held at Sinclair Community College on a date to be announced. 

As long as men fly...

wherever they journey through space...

their flights began in Dayton, Ohio

The Birthplace of Aviation

The Featured Program

(Please notice that the date in the current flyer will be changing to a new date).

Aviation Trail is delighted to have two experts on unmanned aerial systems as speakers: Dr. Andrew Shepherd and Dr. Ronald Storm, both from Sinclair Community College and both Ohioans.

They will provide an overview of the college's unmanned aerial systems program and a review of past, present, and future topics related to the UAS industry.


Dr. Shepherd, a Ph.D. in business administration, is director for the Sinclair UAS program. His experience extends to the defense industry and academia and is focused on modeling and simulation research, course development, accreditation, instruction and mentorship


Dr. Storm, also a  Ph.D. in business administration, has worked on the technical and business side of manned and unmanned systems for the past 15 year. He is an adjunct professor at Sinclair on  a variety of topics from basic understanding of unmanned systems to aviation law and privacy.


The event will be held in the UAS Indoor Flying Pavilion at Sinclair Community College (Building 18. at the right). The Sinclair National UAS Training and Certification Center in Building 13 (at the left) will also be open for viewing. The  National UAS Training & Certification Center is home to the nation’s first permanent, custom-built unmanned aerial systems (UAS) flying facility and represents the culmination of a focused vision dedicated to creating one of the most comprehensive and pioneering facilities for the advancement of UAS training and applied research support. See the schedule below for the visiting hours for Building 13.

The Location

Dr. Andrew Shepherd

There will be two featured speakers at the event.


 Think drones!


UAS Indoor Flying Pavilion

National UAS

Training and Certification Center

Directions & Parking

The Sinclair National UAS Training and Certification Center is located in Building 13 on the campus of Sinclair Community College. The building sits on the corner of West 5th Street and Perry Street in downtown Dayton. Parking is available in Lot K, located directly behind Bullding 13 off of Perry Street. The UAS indoor Flying Pavilion (Building 18) is located at the far end of the lot on the left side. A map and directions can be downloaded by clicking the appropriate button above.

The Dinner

The Wrights' 1903 Christmas Dinner

 (The meal was celebrated at brother Lorin's house. All were excited to hear about the successful first flight on December 17, 1903).

                  German Coleslaw

                 Sliced Turkey Breast with Sage Stuffing or Vegetarian

                   Turkey Gravy, Cranberry Sauce

                 Yukon Gold Whipped Potatoes

                           Green Beans

                Spice Cake and Tapioca Pudding

                       Assorted Rolls and Beverages

(Please notice that the date in the current flyer will be changing to a new date).

The Schedule

5:00 PM: Tours and demonstrations in the National UAS Training and Certification Center, Building 13, Sinclair

6:15 PM: Transition to the UAS Indoor Flying Pavilion

6:30 PM: Dinner

7:30 PM: Program Begins


Reservations will be open when date is announced.

The event cost is $60 per person. Reservations can be ordered online via PayPal, or by mail. Invitations will also be mailed to ATI members with order forms for mail in orders. (See the reservation page for mail order information). 

Use this button to go to the registration page.

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