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New Building Plans

At the 2017 Annual Meeting on November 8, at Dayton Aviation Heritage National Historical Park, ATI spokesperson Steve Brown (above) presented an initial proposal for the future development of the buildings. The The historic buildings will be repurposed as the ATI HANGAR (Fish Market) 1042 West Third St. and the AVIATION EXPERIENCE GALLERY (Pekin Theater) 1036-1038 West Third St.


Dayton, OH – In 2016 Aviation Trail, Inc. announced the acquistion of the historic Pekin Theater Building and Fish Market Building on West Third Street. These buildings are directly east of the current Aviation Heritage Building in the Hoover Block of West Third. The purpose of the acquistiion is to develop the facility into an aviation educational site, and expand the area of the current museum. (See the photo below).

Aviation Trail Announces Proposed Plans for Newly Acquired Buildings

The Pekin Theatre is the building on the far left, and the Fish Market is the smaller building to its right.



Some of the objectives of the development will be to:

• provide additional facilities needed by the National Park Service

• expand ATI’s footprint to the community

• promote other local public aviation activities

• enhance historically related and little known aviation facts

• create new educational experiences for students

• ATI partner sites promotional exhibit and display areas

• add hospitality space for both public and private events

• additional display area for Parachute Museum collections

• and other features to enhance the Wright-Dunbar community

The ATI HANGAR and the Aviation Experience Gallery

Download a PDF file of the presentation using the button above, or see the video slideshow below (click on image for full screen).

new building composite.jpg

The Aviation Trail is a non-profit corporation in partnership with the National Park Service to promote aviation heritage in the Dayton region. Since its founding in 1981, the Aviation Trail has served as a catalyst, helping to identify, link, and preserve the many historical aviation sites that make Dayton so unique. As a non-profit organization, the Aviation Trail relies on the generous contributions of its members and donations by aviation enthusiasts to accomplish its mission. See the "ABOUT US" page on this website to learn more about Aviation Trail, and go to the "MEMBERSHIP & DONATIONS" page to get involved with the organization.




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