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A new Aviation Trail online gift shop is coming soon.

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Coming Soon:

An assortment of Aviation Trail and Parachute Museum items are scheduled

to be available in February  of 2021.

*See below. 

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Available Now! These products from the Carillon Historical Park gift shop.

Dayton History  has a display of assorted aviation gifts & souvenirs, including Wright Brothers items, in the lobby of the Aviation Trail Visitor Center. While the Aviation Trail Visitor Center is temporarily closed for the pandemic, these items (and more) are also carried at site #4 on the Aviation Trail in the Carillon Park  gift shop at Carillon Historical Park, which is still open, and in their online store. 

(937) 293-2841.

(The Dayton History online store and Carillon Park gift ship also offer many additional items pertaining to the history of Dayton).

• Watch for announcements for when the Aviation Trail Visitor Center will re-open to shop in that location. The product samples in the Visitor Center are identified with a QR code that visitors can use to place an order, via their smart phone, directly with Dayton History. The order can then be shipped to the purchaser's home address, or can be held for pick up at 1000 Carillon Historical  Park, Dayton, OH  45409, (937) 293-2841, just 2.9 miles and seven minutes from the Wright-Dunbar Visitor Center. During the time the Aviation Trail Visitor Center is closed, please go to Dayton History, or see their online store at

(Visitor orders will be purchased from & processed by Dayton History. Transactions will not be made by NPS personnel at the Visitor Center).


* When the Aviation Trail items are available and in stock, Dayton History will add samples of them to the Visitor Center display, and add the inventory to the Carillon Historical Park gift shop and online store. This Aviation Trail gift shop page will also contain a list of the Aviation Trail and Parachute Museum items, with a link to these items on the Carillon Historical Park online store. (These transactions will be purchased from, processed by, and fulfilled by Dayton History, and can either be shipped to the purchaser or held for pick-up at Carillon Historical Park gift shop, as described above).

Click the image on the left to see a preview page of the upcoming products. When these items are available in inventory at Dayton History, a link to the Carillon Park online store will be provided on the product page. (Pre-ordering is not available at this time).

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Product Preview
Other aviation gift items:
To shop for more items related to Dayton aviation history check out the various gift shops at the individual trail sites (see links to their websites on the Trail Sites page).
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