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Videos on Aviation Trail Sites

Dayton Convention & Visitor Bureau video features Aviation Trail Sites:

Aviation Trail, Inc and the Dayton Convention and Visitors Bureau hosted representatives of member sites on the "Trail" on February 27th, 2019 at the Wright Dunbar Interpretive Center & Aviation Trail Visitor Center for a premier of Jim Bucher’s recent videos of historical aviation locations in our area. 

The video on the left is a sample of a series of short videos featuring one of the sites. For a full 7 minute video covering all of the sites, see the video on the right.

Short sample video featuring the Wright-Dunbar Interpretive Center

at the Aviation Trail Visitor Center

Full 7 minute video with more Aviation Trail sites.

The Art Show - Think TV and CET Presentation on the Wright Factory Building Murals:

A video from *The Art Show features the historic Wright Company Factory Buildings, and the striking murals created to accompany the restoration of the site. The video provides background on the history of the structures built by the Wright Brothers in 1910 & 1911 as the first the first purpose-built airplane manufacturing facility. The video highlights the current efforts of the City of Dayton, the National Aviation Heritage Alliance, and Dayton's own national park, the Dayton Aviation Heritage Historical National Park to rescue the buildings from a catastrophic fire in March of 2023 and preserve it for future generations. *This video segment was part of December 2023 airings of "The Art Show", which is a feature of the PBS affiliates Think TV (Dayton) and CET (Cincinnati).

For some more history on the Wright Factory Buildings

see the links below:


Dayton Aviation Heritage National Hisorical Park:

National Aviation Heritage Alliance:

City of Dayton -Wright Factory Redevelopment :

David McCullough: Save Wright brothers factory:

The Wright Company Factory Buildings are sites on the Aviation Trail

National Park Service Video on the Wright Cycle Company:

Watch and listen to Ranger Bob Petersen of the Dayton Aviation Heritage National Historic Park as he explains how the Wright brothers' work in their 4th bicycle shop, now part of the park, cemented the site's legacy as the birthplace of aviation.


The Wright Cycle Company is Site #1c on the Aviation Trail

Visit the "Aviation History Links" page which includes some additional videos. 

Videos on Parachute Museum Interviews

Video Series of Interviews with Industry Leaders 

These videos are a series of interviews with some of the parachute engineers scientists and developers who have been responsible for the most significant and advanced parachute systems of the last half-century and was created by the Aviation Trail Parachute Museum in Dayton Ohio in June 2017 at the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics forum as part of the Advanced Decelerator Conference.

CLICK THE BUTTON on the right to navigate to the list of videos:

Parachute Museum_large_TM.jpg
Parachute Museum Theater
para mus theater artwork_stretch.jpg

For more Parachute Museum related videos, CLICK HERE for the Parachute Museum Theater page.

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