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Aviation Trail, Inc. was formed as a non-profit corporation in 1981 to promote Dayton's aviation heritage. It is an all-volunteer organization, funded by membership dues and donations, engaging in promotional and educational activities to create an awareness of the area's identification with aviation and of its place in aviation history. 

In 1982 Aviation Trail acquired two historic Wright Brothers buildings to save them from demolition. These buildings became what is now the Wright-Dunbar Interpretive Center and Aviation Trail Visitor Center, (which also houses the Aviation Trail Parachute Museum) and the Wright Cycle Company, in partnership with the Dayton Aviation Heritage National Historical Park (which operates the facility).

In 2016 Aviation Trail, Inc. announced the acquistion of additional buildings directly east of the current Aviation Heritage Building in the Hoover Block of West Third. The purpose of the acquisition is to develop the facility into an aviation educational site, and expand the area of the current museum. 

With the prospect of this additional building restoration, and the challenges of continuing to promote the community's aviation heritage, there is always a need for more volunteers.  Aviation Trail exhibits at various aviation events each year, maintains the Parachute Museum and its archives, publishes brochures and newsletters, manages a membership list, and has numerous ongoing administrative & clerical activities. So there are plenty of volunteer opportunities. You can be part of this rich aviation heritage!

Events & Demonstrations


Trying on a parachute at 2018 Festival of Flight


Aviation Trail exhibit at 2019 Vectren Air Show


Aviation Trail exhibit at Huffman Prairie


Aviation Trail at 2017 Runway Fest

Clerical & Data Management

clerical work b.jpg

Projects & Archives 

student volunteers.jpg

Buildings on W. Third for renovation (Group of Sinclair student volunteers who did some cleanup)

How Would You Like to Help?

How to volunteer:

Step 1 - Click the "Volunteer Form" button below, then complete and submit the volunteer application.

Step 2 - Wait for a call or email from Aviation Trail to arrange for an interview.

Step 3 - Attend an interview and/or orientation.

Step 4 - Join the fun ...

be an Aviation Trail volunteer!

Volunteers must be at least18 years old .


Parachute Museum Upkeep


Hands-on demonstration of the assembly of wing struts for a 1903 Wright Flyer


Board Members volunteering at an event


Aviation Trail demonstration at NMUSAF


Video project at the Parachute Museum

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