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Aviation History in June

• June 1, 1940 - The U. S. Army Air Corps announced plans for the construction of the world’s most powerful wind tunnel at Wright Field, Dayton, Ohio

• June 8, 1920 - Lieutenant John Wilson made world record parachute jump from 19,861 feet in San Antonio, Texas.

• June 11, 1926 - The first flight of the Ford Trimotor "Tin Goose", an all-metal monoplane which competed with the three-engine Fokker and becomes a pioneer American airliner.

• June 16, 1909 -A two-day celebration in Dayton, Ohio marked the homecoming of the Wrights.

• June 17, 1942 - The United States Army Air Corp conducted a test at Wright Field in Dayton, Ohio, successfully picking up gliders from the ground by an airplane flying at more than 100 mph.

• June 21, 1913 - The first woman to make a parachute jump from an airplane is Georgia “Tiny” Broadwick. The 18-year-old American descended 1,000 feet over Los Angeles, California.

• June 25, 1905 - Wilbur and Orville Wright made their first flight of 1905 in Huffman Prairie, Ohio, in their new “Flyer III,” the first practical airplane in history.

• June 26, 1909 - The first commercial sale of an airplane in the United States was made as Glenn H. Curtiss sold one of his planes to the Aeronautic Society of New York for $7,500. This action spurred the Wright brothers to begin a patent suit to prevent him from selling airplanes without a license.

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