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January in Aviation History

January, 1909:

In January of 1909 the first book extolling the accomplishments of the Wright Brothers was published in France. “Les Premier Hommes-Oiseaux: Wilber et Orville Wright” (pub. Paris, H. Guiton, 1909) was written by François Peyrey (1873-1934). Peyrey, the aeronautical editor of the French sporting newspaper “L’Auto”*, was among those who witnessed Wilbur Wright’s flight near LeMans in August of 1908. His book included tables, diagrams and many historical photographs. The Wright’s demonstrations of that year had dispelled European skepticism, and the book helped further spread the word of the brothers accomplishments.

*”L’Auto”, a precursor to today’s French paper “L’Equipe”, originated the Tour de France cycling race in 1903.

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