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Lookout Tower at Woodland Cemetery and Arboretum

Announcement from Historic Site on the Aviation Trail

DAYTON, OH (May 30, 2017) – Woodland Cemetery and Arboretum will complete a second phase of columbarium niches at Lookout Tower by the fall of 2017 and a pre-construction discount will be offered until June 30, 2017. The current Lookout Tower is a replica of the tower featured in the March 8, 1899 edition of The Dayton Daily News article about Woodland. Perched on the highest elevation in Dayton, it served as both a beacon and watch tower for the entire valley during the 1800s and early 1900s. The replica tower, dedicated in 2010, once again serves as a Dayton landmark.

“The Lookout Tower is a beautiful, scenic, and peaceful location to be memorialized and a spot for reflection by visitors,” said Sean O’Regan, president and CEO of Woodland Cemetery and Arboretum.

Woodland has been a leader in offering cremation and cremation memorialization options in the Miami Valley. Woodland installed its first cremation retort in its Community Mausoleum in 1970 and added a second chamber in later years due to rising consumer preference for cremation. Woodland offered its first outdoor columbarium in 1982 in section 309 known as “Soaring Spirits.” By 2010, the new Lookout Tower was completed and offered 150 niches comprising of single, side by side companion and singe front double depth niches.

Woodland’s state of the art Lookout Columbarium, overlooking the Miami Valley and the cityscape, with a historic tower that can be seen for miles is the perfect form of memorialization for residents who love the city, the outdoors, the history of Dayton and Woodland itself. It’s a place where lives can be honored and where lives can be lived. It speaks to the heart of Dayton’s innovative history, and will for centuries to come.

Additionally, Woodland offers a more natural setting for those environmentally conscious souls at our Fountain Cremation Garden. This in-ground scattering garden is located in section 122 near the Woodland pond. It is a functioning water fountain surrounded by beautiful plantings, providing a scenic and simple natural burial site for cremations.

And Woodland still has available niches in the Mausoleum that offers year-round visitation in a comfortable and peaceful environment with a variety of glass and marble fronted niches. Here, perpetual maintenance is assured in this beautiful, climate controlled environment.

For more information about the new Lookout Tower Columbarium, the Fountain Cremation Garden or the niches in the Mausoleum, contact Woodland Cemetery at 937-228-3221 or

Woodland Cemetery and Arboretum sits in the heart of downtown Dayton on over 200 verdant acres of rolling hills with over 3000 tress on the property. This historic cemetery, founded in 1841, welcomes thousands of visitors who tour the grounds each year to visit the grave sites of inventors of powered flight Wilbur and Orville Wright; poet Paul Laurence Dunbar; Governor James M. Cox; Matilda and Levi Stanley, Queen and King of the Gypsies; writer Erma Bombeck; inventor Charles F. Kettering; and entrepreneurs John H. Patterson (NCR); George P. Huffman (Huffy Bicycles); and George Mead (Mead Paper Co.).

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