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February Aviation Trail Site Feature

Site #8, Woodland Cemetery and Arboretum is featured this month.

This cold February is a good time to think of the outlook for the coming Spring. Plan to visit some of the outdoor Aviation Trail sites this Spring and enjoy the scenery.

One of the gems on the trail is Woodland Cemetery and Arboretum with its fabulous natural terrain that can be enjoyed while viewing the grave sites of the Wright's, Paul Laurence Dunbar, and many other luminaries.

Besides Wright family members, there are several other aviation and aviation related names that appear on headstones at Woodland, such as Arnold Wehrley who served with the Aero Squadron Service and died on October 9, 1918. Also army test pilot 1st Lt. Frank Stuart Patterson, who died in a plane crash at Wright Field in 1918. Patterson Field (now Wright Patterson AFB) was named after him. Also buried at Woodland is Georgianna Harshman who owned the property that is now WPAFB. (She sold it to the Federal Government and it was originally called Wright Field). Frederick August Requarth is another aviation related name at woodland. He founded the F.A. Requarth lumber company which supplied lumber for the Wright Brothers' aircraft.

These are just some of the historic figures that are resting among Woodland's picturesque hills. You can find out more on interesting tours that are offered, with different themes and stories. See the Woodland website for information:

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