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Help Bring the B-25 Champaign Gal Home

Champaign Aviation Museum Bomber:

Help bring the Champaign Gal Home

Recently, our B-25 Champaign Gal was found to have metal shavings in its right engine oil system. This occurred suddenly and the aircraft is stuck, sitting on an airport ramp in Indiana, away from home. The fix requires the right engine to be removed and replaced with a good engine. The market to purchase an overhauled engine for a B-25 is a very small one, and is expensive. We were able to find an engine, but the cost is $135,000. That is only the cost for the engine, it doesn’t include the installation cost. This is a huge expense for a museum like ours and I need your help. I know you value keeping WWII airplanes like the B-25 flying. Please consider a special donation to our B-25 engine fund to bring Champaign Gal home.

There are several ways to donate to the B-25 engine fund. Go to our website, then scroll down about a third of the way to the block that says “Help Bring the B-25 Home!"

Click the button to donate here:

Another way to support the B-25 engine fund is to send a check to: Champaign Aviation Museum, 1652 N Main, Urbana OH 43078

I need your help on this. Thank you, Dave Shiffer Executive Director Champaign Aviation Museum

Champaign Aviation Museum

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