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NAHA 2021 Awards

Updated: Aug 29, 2021

Congratulations to the recipients of the Wick Wright Award, the PROPS Award, and the Ivonette Wright Miller Award

The National Aviation Heritage Area annual meeting for 2021 was held at the Wright B Flyer hangar on August 10. Included on the agenda was the announcement of three annual NAHA awards. The awards were presented by NAHA Chair Ted Prasse, assisted by NAHA Executive Director Mackensie Wittmer, and Director of Marketing and Communications Elizabeth Connor.

The Wick Wright Award:

The Wick Wright Award honors an individual or organization for outstanding support of a National Aviation Heritage Area partner or the Alliance as a whole.

This year's Wick Wright Award winner is the Schiewetz Foundation.

The Schiewetz Foundation was nominated for the Wick Wright Award for their support rendered to Air Camp, Inc. In 2018, the foundation stepped into the role of lead donor for the Teachers Air Camp, a program specifically designed to expand Air Camp's national reach. The foundation recognized and embraced the Teachers Air Camp premise to provide educators with the Air Camp experience and tools needed to deliver curriculum content in their classrooms across the United States. Originally created in 2015, the Teachers Air Camp has grown over the last six years.

In 2021, Teachers Air Camps served teachers from 27 states plus Puerto Rico impacting 75-150 students per teacher. This support impacts several Heritage Area partners as Teachers Air Camp visits Heritage Area sites during the camp experience.

The PROPS Award:

The PROPS Award goes to a National Aviation Heritage Area partner for outstanding support of one or more other National Aviation Heritage Area partners.

This year's PROPS Award goes to Aviation Trail Inc.

This nomination was submitted by Susan Richardson who acknowledged the many ways Aviation Trail, Inc is a critical partner for the National Aviation Heritage Alliance (NAHA). Their Wilbear Program has encouraged thousands of young children to explore many NAHA partners' sites, with the promise to be rewarded with the much-appreciated stuffed Wilbear teddy bear. It has been a hugely successful program and has increased visitors to our heritage sites, many of whom may not have otherwise visited. Beyond their Wilbear Program, Aviation Trail publishes a newsletter, which includes timely reports of many partners' status throughout the COVID pandemic. In addition, they include interesting aviation heritage stories and promote partner events. It is available on their website to the public and provides outstanding support to Heritage Area organizations.

The Ivonette Wright Miller Award:

The Ivonette Wright Miller Award recognizes a lifetime volunteer in the service of aviation heritage. It is named for the niece of Wilbur and Orville Wright.

This year's recipient is Nancy Horlacher. Nancy was nominated by Alex Heckman of Carillon Historical Park.

During her remarkable, 44-year career at the Dayton Metro Library, Nancy Horlacher established herself as one of the most sought-after sources for researchers of Dayton's unparalleled aviation history. Authors David McCullough, Mark Bernstein, Howard DuFour, Ann Honious, and Fred Fisk, among others, credited her expertise and support in their efforts to provide fresh insight into Dayton's most famous story. Yet, it is Nancy's contributions as a community volunteer during the past 40 years that truly make her a worthy candidate for the Ivonette Wright Miller Award.

Nancy has volunteered thousands of hours of her time during the past several decades in the service of Aviation Trail Inc. As a Board member, officer, and a vocal champion of ATI, Nancy has done it all. She has recorded and distributed meeting minutes, edited newsletters, sent untold numbers of emails, proofread manuscripts, checked in guests at banquets and fundraisers, and, through it all, she has never stopped thinking of ways to share our aviation history.

Similarly, Nancy has been a driving force behind the Dayton Region Walk of Fame since its inception 25 years ago. She has served as judge, advisor, and as a de facto content expert. She has conducted original research on inductees and has developed programs specifically about the women included in the Walk. Nancy champions the Wright-Dunbar Historic District and is a cheerleader for Dayton Aviation Heritage National Historical Park.

Nancy volunteered in the 1980s and 90s as a founding member of the Wright Brothers Research Committee. In the 2000s, she played a central role in the success of the Wright Brothers Symposiums at WSU. Her contributions in the service of our aviation heritage have been far reaching and continue to this day. Many past winners of the Ivonette Wright Miller Award have worked side by side with Nancy. Adding her to this prestigious list would be a fitting tribute for someone who has served so passionately on behalf of aviation heritage.


The National Aviation Heritage Alliance (NAHA) is a private, not-for-profit corporation designated

by Congress as the management entity of the National Aviation Heritage Area.

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