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Sinclair Students Volunteer in Historic Building Development

On July 16 several student volunteers from Sinclair College helped with an Aviation Trail project in one of the Wright-Dunbar district’s historic buildings.They helped clean out some of the rubble from deteriorating interior walls in the Pekin Theater Building at 1036 West Third Street. The building is in the same block as the Dayton Aviation Heritage National Historical Park, and was acquired by Aviation Trail, Inc., along with an adjacent building, to be developed into an aviation educational site, and to expand the area of the current museum.

The historic buildings will eventually be repurposed as the ATI HANGAR (Fish Market) 1042 West Third St. and the AVIATION EXPERIENCE GALLERY (Pekin Theater) 1036-1038 West Third St. To learn more about the proposed plans, see this link:

Before proceeding with the projected development, the interior and exterior walls of the building will need to be protected from the elements to prevent further deterioration. Contractors are set to being this “protection” phase on the Pekin Theater building in the fall of this year.

Aviation Trail thanks the student volunteers for their assistance. Aviation Trail relies on the generous contributions of its members and donations by aviation enthusiasts to accomplish these projects, so you can help also by going to the "MEMBERSHIP & DONATIONS" page of the website and giving what you can.


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