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WACO Expands Summer Camps

June & July 2018

WACO Summer Camps at WACO Air Museum & Learning Center

1865 S. County Rd. 25A, Troy, OH 45373

Learning doesn’t have to stop just because summer has arrived. WACO offers summer camps that will fascinate and engage your child. Brand new this summer are two sessions of Drone Camp. 4th – 6th grade campers will learn about the exciting uses of drones, fly simulators and real aircraft, program flights, and complete fun challenges.

7th – 12th graders will learn about all of the above, plus explore availability of careers for drone operators, complete safety risk assessments, and learn concepts of operations, fly simulators and real aircraft, program flights, build a hand-controller, and complete fun challenges. Both age groups will have an option to purchase the same model UAV that will be used during the week of camp. Each camp is limited to 25 participants, and will be held July 30th – August 3rd. Your child will not want this week of camp to end! Register by July 16th.

Two weeks of Robotics Camps are offered. July 9th-13th and July 16th-20th. The first week caters to 4th – 6thgraders and the second week is designed for 7th – 9th graders. This STEM focused robotics camp is designed to teach 16 students concepts in science, technology, mechanics, engineering, and computer programming by building a robot with LEGO bricks, gears, axels, motors and sensors. Students will program the robot to complete certain tasks with their newly acquired computer programming skills and the use of sensors. Though the student will not be able to take the robot home, they will demonstrate their accomplishments to parents on the last night of camp.

Experience the excitement of aerodynamics at WACO Aviation Summer Camp. This 5 day course begins with a basic history of manned flight and what makes things fly. The students build kites, gliders, hot-air balloons and aircraft models. They experiment with thrust, drag and lift, study the engine, controls, and instruments, do flight planning, fly a radio controlled airplane and quadcopter, and end the week with an orientation flight in a general aviation aircraft!

Call the museum (937) 335-9226 or visit the website ( for more information.

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