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Fundraising Event at Woodland Cemetery & Arboretum

Saturday, September 15, 2018

5:00 to 8:00 PM

Remembering Matilda … Queen of the Gypsies

A Celebration of Gypsy culture and heritage

and the 140th Anniversary of the burial of Matilda Stanley

Matilda Stanley, Queen of the Gypsies, was buried at Woodland Cemetery in 1878. Thousands attended her funeral, and it attracted press coverage by the major newspapers of the country and was front page news. Many of the Stanley family and other gypsy clans are buried in Dayton.

Today, the grave site of Levi and Matilda Stanley is one of the most visited sites in the cemetery. September 15th of this year will mark the 140th anniversary of the burial of Matilda Stanley. In her memory, a special event will take place on this day to honor Matilda and bring attention to the beautiful monument.

The 20’ granite column with the angel on top is in need of repair and restoration. Current conditions of the monument will lead to the dismantling of the structure out of safety concerns for our visitors. It is our hope that we can do the repairs to the monument while it is still standing and in place without removal from the grave site.

Tickets are available on line at: Tickets begin at just $30 per person. The fundraising goal for this event is $10,000.00. If you cannot attend, we hope you will consider making a donation. Sponsorship opportunities are available. For more information please contact Angie Hoschouer, manager of development and marketing, at 937-228-3221 ext. 111 or

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