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Aerospace legends land in Dayton, OH!

National Aviation Hall of Fame Event - Sept. 24, 2022:

Celebrated pilot, journalist, and filmmaker Miles O'Brien will host four of NASA's most accomplished astronauts for a conversation from the unique perspective of the "driver's seat" of the space shuttle.

Panelists, each an Enshrinee of the National Aviation Hall of Fame, include;

  • Former NASA Administrator and four-time shuttle astronaut Charlie Bolden

  • First female shuttle pilot and first female shuttle commander and four-time shuttle astronaut Eileen Collins

  • First shuttle test pilot and four-time shuttle astronaut Bob Crippen

  • Former Chief Astronaut and five-time shuttle astronaut Robert "Hoot" Gibson

These legendary aviators will share their insights and perspectives about their time in the left seat of humanity's first reusable spacecraft.

National Aviation Hall of Fame

1100 Spaatz Street

Dayton, OH 45433



The National Aviation Hall of Fame is Site #6 on the Aviation Trail


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