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Carillon Historical Park Railroad Now Open!

Carillon Historical Park is now offering rides on the Carillon Park Railroad.

The project was one of the most all-encompassing since the Park’s opening in 1950. Over a mile of track is installed to guide the new 3' narrow gauge locomotive styled after the popular engines of the 1850s. The Carillon Park Railroad is capable of carrying 120 guests on a narrated tour of Carillon Historical Park. This project features a depot from Bowling Green, Ohio, a 100’ long triple-cell ConSpan bridge, two open-air coaches, rare views of Carillon Historical Park, and the Old Montgomery Co. Fairgrounds Horse Barn No. 17.

The Carillon Park Railroad is a major component of the Park's campus-wide masterplan and builds upon a concept conceived by Carillon Historical Park founder Edward Deeds to include a large-scale mid-19th-century locomotive among the exhibits. A miniature model, commissioned by Deeds in the 1950s, served as an inspiration for the project.

About Carillon Historical Park

Carillon Historical Park is part of Dayton History, a private non-profit organization established to preserve, share, and celebrate our region’s unique history. The Park's 65-acre campus is home to over 30 historic structures and cares for over three million artifacts. In addition to Carillon Historical Park, Dayton History owns and operates the Carillon Brewing Co., Culp's Café, Hawthorn Hill, the Patterson Homestead, the Mound Cold War Discovery Center, and the Dayton History Archive Center.

Dayton History • 1000 Carillon Blvd. • Dayton, OH 45409


Carillon Historical Park is Site #4 on the Aviation Trail

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