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Dawne Dewey Retirement

Head of the Special Collections and Archives at Wright State University retiring after 31 years. 

Congratulations to Dawne Dewey on her retirement as head of Special Collections and Archives at Wright State University, Paul Laurence Dunbar Library (site #10 on the Aviation Trail) effective as of June 1, 2020.

Dawne’s background at Wright State includes a BA in History and Anthropology with Honors, 1980, and an MA in History, 1984. She was an archivist with Wright State from 1989 to 1997, and Head of Special Collections and Archives, Director, and Public History, 1997 to 2020. In addition to many duties over that peri0d, including teaching, she has been responsible for safeguarding millions of documents, records, and photographs in the Wright Brothers Collection.

Wright State held a virtual retirement celebration for Dawne and her 31 years of service on May 29. Thanks to Her passion for history, and dedication to its preservation, she has made a lasting contribution to aviation heritage.

For a special look into the Wright Brother Collection, watch this C-Span video, presented by Dawne, at this link:

See more about the WSU Archives at and these links on Dawne Dewey’s retirement:


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