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Grimes Flying Lab Museum

Eclipse Viewing at the Grimes Flying Lab Museum:

April 8 for the solar eclipse the museum will be open to the public. Snacks and drinks will be for sale . The public is welcome to bring a lawn chair.

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About Grimes Flying Lab Museum:

Located at Grimes Field in Urbana, the "lab" is a Beech 18 that served the U.S. Air Forces as a C-45 and was modified to a C-45H as a test bed for aircraft nighttime lighting systems. The aircraft was a valuable tool for engineers who worked for Warren G. Grimes - the father of aircraft lighting - before and during World War II to advance developments for safer flight at night. Grimes produced his first airplane lights in his garage in 1933 and by World War II his company had grown to produce lighting for military aviation. Besides memorabilia from Grimes' life and Grimes Manufacturing Co., historical and modern aircraft lighting products are displayed.

Grimes Flying Lab Foundation

Grimes Flying Lab Foundation is a a 501(c)(3) organization.


Grimes Flying Lab is Site #14 on the Aviation Trail


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