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Parachute Museum Theater

Jumping From Space!

#6 in a series of videos featured by the Aviation Trail Parachute Museum

Red Bull Stratos Project space dive 2012 presented by BBC Studios

Presented by BBC Studios

In 2012 Austrian Felix Baumgartner successfully broke Joe Kittinger's record for the world’s highest parachute jump that was set in 1960 (see video #3 in the Parachute Museum Theater series). Baumgartner dropped from an unofficial altitude of 128,000 feet - about 1.5 miles higher than expected. In the process, he also became the first skydiver to exceed the speed of sound - 833.9 mph while in freefall (Mach 1.24 - the first supersonic skydive). He and the Stratos Red Bull team broke three more records: Highest manned balloon flight, 128,000 feet; greatest freefall distance, 119,846 feet; fastest mechanically unaided speed, 833.9 mph. Joe Kittinger, whose record was broken, is the one in mission control communicating with Baumgartner in this dramatic video.

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