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Report on Unmanned Systems Academic Summit

Hosted by Sinclair National UAS Training & Certification Center
October 15, 2020

• The 6th Annual Unmanned Systems Academic Summit was held on October 15, 2020. The event, hosted by the Sinclair National UAS Training and Certification Center as a two hour online presentation, had attendees and speakers from 16 states and 4 countries. Total registration for the event was a record 355 attendees. A lineup of 8 speakers covered an array of topics highlighting current technology in unmanned aerial systems and the joint research efforts of industry and academia.



Dr. Jacqueline Housel, Professor of Geography/Geospatial Technology and Chair of Sociology, Geography, and Social Work, Sinclair College

List of Speakers

Mr. Nathan P. Diller, Director, AFWERX

Presenting: Agility Prime: Driving Innovation to Accelerate the Commercial Market for Advanced Air Mobility Vehicles

Dr. Andrew D. Shepherd, Executive Director and Chief, Scientist, Unmanned Aerial Systems, Sinclair College

Mr. Scott Koorndyk, President, The Entrepreneurs Center,

Co-Presenting: Developing the Next Generation of UAS, Entrepreneurs through Education, Networking, and Competition

Col. Kurt J. Carraway, USAF Ret., UAS Executive, Director, Applied Aviation Research Center, Kansas State University Polytechnic

Mr. Douglas Hammon, Director for Applied Research, and Development, Unmanned Aerial Systems, Sinclair College

Co-Presenting: Opportunities and Processes for Small UAS Type Certification

Mr. Brad Whitby, Managing Director, National Science, Foundation Center for Unmanned Aircraft Systems

Presenting: C-UAS: Providing Innovative Solutions to Key Technical Challenges and Superb Training for Future Leaders in the UAS Industry

Mr. Jonathan Beck, Executive Director and PI, National Center for Autonomous Technology

Presenting: NSF Connection: Navigating the Future of Autonomous Technologies

Dr. Gregory Crutsinger, Director of Science & Communications, GeoAcuity

Presenting: Commercial Advances in Image Processing and Analytics for Agricultural Drones

• The Sinclair National UAS Training and Certification Center is Site #17 on the Aviation Trail.

Below are some visuals from the presentation.


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