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Tri-State Warbird Museum Events

Saturday, March 13, 2021
Super Soarin' Saturdays & Lecture Series

• Super Soarin' Saturdays! KITES! is our next segment. Come learn about kites! Fun, crafts, and learning activities start at 9:30. Best suited for ages 5-11.

• TSWM Lecture Series - featuring Don Gray retired USAF Personnel Equipment Specialist & John Schell retired USAF Avionics Engineer for the U-2.Don and John will be speaking about the SA-2 missile shoot-down of Gary Powers in a U-2. Parts of it you’ve never heard! Much of what really happened on May 1st, 1960 was classified and then hidden in Russian military archives. Secrets that will be revealed during the lecture!

See the Tri-State Warbird Museum website for information: ,

4021 Borman Drive • Batavia OH 45103 • (513) 735-4500

Tri-State Warbird Museum is site #15 on the Aviation Trail


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