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WACO Pinch Hitter Class

Pinch Hitter Course
WACO Air Museum, Troy OH
Weekly from September 23-October 28th

The Pinch Hitter Class is designed for a non-pilot, who frequently sits as a passenger in the

right seat of a general aviation airplane, and wants to learn about what the pilot is

doing and about emergency situations. It is a class where learning about aviation is an

enjoyable experience. The class is not designed around a specific model airplane but gives

the participant a good understanding what piloting is about and how to be helpful as the

“unofficial co-pilot” when sitting in the right seat. The Pinch Hitter Class lasts 6 weeks, meets

once a week, for 2 hours.

Current Class Information:

The class participants will gather on Wednesday nights from September 23rd to October 28th, from 6pm – 8 pm in the Willis Wing. Four participants are required for the class to be held.

Cost: $125

Instructor: Bill Albers

Bill Albers is an aircraft owner and has a private pilot license, an instrument rating and a commercial pilot license.

He has conducted, every year, for 12 years, private pilot, instrument pilot, commercial pilot ground school classes. In addition to the ground school classes, Bill has taught several pinch hitter courses.

WACO Air Museum is located at 1865 S. County Rd. 25A in Troy.  Call 937-335-9226 for more information.


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