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"White Bird" Flying Again

Wright "B" Flyer Report:

After a busy winter in the hangar, the Wright B Flyer “White Bird” is now flying again! Take a virtual ride looking over the shoulder of our chief pilot (Rich) as he makes a lap around the pattern at our home at the Dayton Wright Brothers Airport. If you put this on a large screen and turn up the volume a bit, it makes for a very enjoyable video:

The winter was spent making performance improvements, and exploring the best methods to “fit” the White Bird into our standard shipping container (yes, it was designed to do this). This will allow us to ship the White Bird to airshows around the world, spreading the legacy of Dayton and our Wright’s across the globe! We hope to start by flying this summer at several Dayton area events. Check the Wright "B" Flyer Facebook page for updates.

Wright "B" Flyer, Inc.

10550 Springboro Pike

Miamisburg, Ohio 45342

Phone: (937) 885-2327


Wright "B" Flyer is Site #9 on the Aviation Trail


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