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Woodland Celebrates Women's History Month

(Excerpts from "A Woodland Minute", the Woodland Cemetery & Arboretum March Newsletter)


As Spring comes upon us, you can take your own walking tour at the cemetery or a virtual tour from the comfort of your couch by visiting our website at:

From your phone you will be prompted to download our app. Take one of 12 walking tours we have available for your enjoyment at the cemetery. If you are on your desktop, laptop or tablet, you can take the tour right from the tour page. We will be adding more tours so come back often to learn about the men and women who made it Great in Dayton.

Woodland Cemetery & Arboretum | 118 Woodland Ave., Dayton, OH 45409 To sign up for the Woodland newsletter see:


Woodland Cemetery and Arboretum is Site #8 on the Aviation Trail


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