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Think Drones on Wilbur's Birthday

The Celebration of Wilbur Wright's 150th Birthday

• Aviation Trail is delighted to have two experts on unmanned aerial systems as speakers at the April 8, 2017 dinner celebrating Wilbur Wright's 150th birthday (April 16, 1867). Dr. Andrew Shepherd and Dr. Ronald Storm, both from Sinclair Community College and both Ohioans, will provide an overview of the college's unmanned aerial systems program and a review of past, present, and future topics related to the UAS industry.

• The event will be held in the UAS Indoor Flying Pavilion at Sinclair Community College (Building 18. at the right). The Sinclair National UAS Training and Certification Center in Building 13 (at the left) will also be open for viewing. The National UAS Training & Certification Center is home to the nation’s first permanent, custom-built unmanned aerial systems (UAS) flying facility and represents the culmination of a focused vision dedicated to creating one of the most comprehensive and pioneering facilities for the advancement of UAS training and applied research support.

• For time, cost, directions, and reservation information, CLICK HERE to go to the event page on the Aviation Trail website (

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