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Aviation Trail Celebration

"Wilbur Wright at Sinclair"

Thanks to all of the Aviation Trial members, guests, and friends who attended the dinner in celebration of Wilbur Wright's 150th birthday on April 8, 2017 (Wilbur's birth date was April 16, 1867). This enjoyable and instructive event was held at the Unmanned Aerial Systems Indoor Flying Pavilion at Sinclair College on April 8, 2017. Two experts on unmanned aerial systems, Dr. Andrew Shepherd and Dr. Ronald Storm, were the featured speakers. Both are from Sinclair Community College and both Ohioans. They provided an overview of the college's unmanned aerial systems program and a review of past, present, and future topics related to the UAS industry. For a full report, with pictures, CLICK HERE to go to the event page on the Aviation Trail website (

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