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Misty Blue Team Visits Parachute Museum

The Misty Blues all-women skydiving demonstration team toured the Wright-Dunbar Interpretive Center (WDIC) while the team was in Dayton to perform for the Air Show. The members donated a seat pack to the Parachute Museum which was used to hold flags. From 5,000 feet in the air one of the skydivers jumps out of a plane to unfurl a giant American flag at the beginning of the Air Show. Later on the whole team performs with more flags and banners flying. The Parachute Museum, on the second floor of WDIC, had already been the recipient of a Misty Blues jump suit and helmet which is on display in the museum. The ten-member team is based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, although members are from all over the United States. They jump at 10 air shows a year and at other events like football games and special gatherings. The all-women team represents role models for women and girls.

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